This new café I’m featuring today have operated in Cebu City for almost a year now but surprisingly, it didn’t reach my radar. I must have been very preoccupied with my private life that I put off my cafe-hopping adventures a.k.a. “me time”. I mean, how can I miss this exquisitely decorated coffee shop in my town?

Gold Bean Coffee store interiors (c) @goldbeancoffee IG

GOLD BEAN COFFEE surely lived up to its name of being a golden place for coffee-shop fanatics for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the cafe’s interiors were outstanding. It looked like it came straight from a K-drama set! The combination of cement floor and brick walls was a fancy treat to my eyes, coupled with wooden tables and leather seats, and the different lighting fixtures they incorporated. I couldn’t be more content with the exquisite ambience I experienced upon entering the store.

Secondly, they offer Korean-inspired meals and the Korean fanatic in me couldn’t be happier! Aside from the coffee shop staples of cakes & pastries, Gold Bean Coffee has rice meals and sandwiches such as the Bulgogi Rice, Spicy Pork, Tuna Mayo, Bulgogi Burger, GoldBean Sandwhich, and several others.

(c) @goldbeancoffee IG
(c) @goldbeancoffee IG

Thirdly, they’ve got power outlets everywhere! Especially on the long sofa seating against the wall and the long table in the middle of the store. I believe they made it that way for the students and young professionals to be able to charge their gadgets while studying or doing projects. After all, their location is just across a university. You have to be considerate also not to charge one too many gadgets and only order one drink for a 3-hour stay. Etiquette is etiquette, get it?

So yeah, I was out looking for a café one Saturday afternoon to finish some online gig and choosing them was a good decision. The café was very cozy and most of the customers were studying or doing school projects. In short, the place was silent. Only the cafe’s background music was playing softly. The introvert in me liked it so much! 🙂 Moving forward, I ordered the Mango fruit shake and the Chicken Cordon rice meal because I was legit hungry at 4PM. LOL

Mango Fruitshake (P150.00)
Chicken Cordon rice meal (P180.00)

I loved their Chicken Cordon rice meal! Because they gave me two eggs! Lol. I love that it was piping hot when they served it to me, perfect meal to counter the coolness of their AC (I was already freezing just an hour into my stay). The chicken roll was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside and I think they mixed Kimchi with it because of the after-taste and the little spicy kick upon chewing the chicken. I wish they had a bigger serving of the rice though because I’m a voracious rice-eater because I immediately ran out of it while consuming just half of the chicken. Or was I just really hungry?

Overall, I had a pretty good 3-hour stay at Gold Bean Coffee. Their staffs were all smiles and very accommodating. The place was comfortable and conducive to productive work. Their rest room was pretty decent too. The price you’ll pay for their food & drinks is just for the service you get.


BMD Building, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

Landline #:

Facebook | Instagram

Business Hours: 10 AM – 10PM, Monday to Sunday

Parking: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash

Drinks: coffee / espresso, “Goldccino” series, fruit shakes, full leaf brewed tea, milk,

Food: rice meals, sandwiches, fresh fruits, finger food (fries & mandu)

Price Range: P120 – P230


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