We’ve got a new store in town to satisfy your Takoyaki cravings without having to go to Japan! OSAKA TAKOYAKI is now ready to serve authentic Japanese dishes with their first in-line store in the Visayas right at SM Seaside City Cebu.

June 30, 2017 marked the opening of their first store / branch in the Visayas. Though they have been in Cebu for some time now, having a stall in Island Central Mactan as well as participating in outdoor events like Kadaugan sa Mactan and Bon Odori as food concessionaires.

Their store in SM Seaside City Cebu features Japanese-inspired interiors for that authentic dining experience as if you were in Japan. They have long sofa against the wall, paired with wooden tables and chairs. They also have bar seats right at their cooking counter so you can very well see how your food is being prepared.

Osaka Takoyaki storefront
Osaka Takoyaki interiors

Takoyaki is a popular hawker food in Japan, usually in the form of balls that’s a mix of dough, egg, vegetables, and octopus meat. It is garnished with bonito flakes, mayonnaise and a special takoyaki sauce. It’s a good snack to be shared with family and friends.

Osaka Takoyaki also serve other Japanese dishes such as: Takosen, Shio Yakisoba, Jumbo Shrimp, Ebi Gyoza, and a whole lot more.

Original Takoyaki (P150.00)
Okonomiyaki w/ Egg (P230.00)
Tonkatsu Ramen (P249.00)

Right now, they are serving their Chashu specials: Tonkatsu Ramen (P249), Chashu Plate (P199), and the Chashudon (P249) — all best served during the rainy season.

Head now to the lower ground floor, Mountain Wing (atrium area) of SM Seaside City Cebu for your takoyaki fix today. You may also find them at the 2nd floor of Island Central Mactan in Lapu-lapu City.




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