Ho, ho, ho! December, the most wonderful month of the year, is here! And that means one thing for me: getting a planner!

For 2015, I got myself the Doodle Planner from FILED. This is already my 3rd planner from them, having bought the 2012 and 2014 editions. Filed actually released two planners for 2015 – the other one being the Scribble Planner – but the doodle lover in me decided to go with the Doodle version because that is the very reason why I became a Filed fan. 🙂

So without further ado..


The 2015 Doodle Planner is sporting a new look with the wire-bound feature that reminded me of my notebooks from my university days, except that those notebooks were bound by wire on the side. Nonetheless, they still have their awesome monthly artworks and a fully doodled front and back covers. My planner came with a Pen Slinger, which is  sporting a new look too! It’s a backpack-inspire pen holder that can hold up to 6 pens inside and I got it in Magma Orange version. Last year was another style, and in gray, but it only held 3 pens. I bring around 7 pens with me all the time so I might still use the pen bandolier from the 2012 edition.

FILED made my planner more special by scribbling my name on the cover! Yep, in the photo above you can see the word KAI beside the Filed logo? That’s my name right there! It was originally done in black ink. So I took my red pen out and colored it, to make it pop against the black and white cover. I’m one happy kid!

Moving on, the planner has its usual features such as the yearly calendars, monthly trivia and doodle fun pages, wherein you can just let out all your creative juices at any time you want. Doodle here, doodle there, doodle everywhere to your heart’s content!

Below is a sample of their awesome doodle per month. Multiply this by twelve months and you got yourself twelve awesome doodles! Awesome enough to give you a good vibes every month! You may as well color these artworks but I’d like to have mine remain in black and white. 🙂


As for the planning features, I’m happy to discover that the monthly calendar was done in one spread. Although they had to fold it, that’s okay. At least I still get to see my entire schedule for that specific month without having to flip between pages. At the back of the calendar is my favorite feature, the Expense Tracker! I thank the heavens for providing more space as I do my expense review on a daily basis, as well as compute my cashflow every so often.


Their daily entries look like this.


Towards the end of the planner, FILED retained its “leisure lists” illustrations. Here you can jot down what movies to watch, books to read, restaurants to try, places to see, and things to buy. This was one feature I abused from my 2014 planner and I’m happy that I was able to tick off a few items during the latter part of the year. I’m excited to fill this list again for 2015! Adventure time for me!


There are still more features that went inside this planner but that’s for you to find out by buying the item! Teehee~

Just one thing I find uncomfortable with the 2015 edition is that the wire binding the pages was placed on top. I found it a bit difficult to flip the pages and turning to the other side to write. The wire-bound feature is alright but it would’ve been better if it was placed on the side in order to see an entire week’s worth of schedules in one spread. Just my two cents! (^^,)

Anyway, I am beyond grateful to the FILED team for accommodating my requests which were all done via email. Kudos to great customer service guys! There are also other goodies available from them such as notebooks, folder, bags and wallets so go check them all out here.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy Holidays!



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