This week, I had my hands on the 5-day Black and White Photo Challenge that had been flooding my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds lately. This game starts when you get nominated by whoever is doing the challenge. You have to post a black and white photo each day for 5 consecutive days. And along with your photo is another person’s name that you would like to do the same. Well, a dear friend of mine from Singapore nominated me and so I took the plunge and posted my choice of black and white photos.

While I have already posted my Day 5 photo earlier today, I wanted to share the stories behind each photo — all of which I took during my recent solo trip overseas. (Yes! My first trip overseas all. by. myself. I repeat, ALL BY MYSELF!)


"Productive Spare Time"
“Productive Spare Time”

I took a photo of this sketch that I did while waiting for my boarding time. I arrived way too early in the waiting lounge and was getting a little bored. Good thing I had a spare sheet of blank paper in my hand-carry bag and my trusty good’ol pens and pencils in my planner’s bandolier. I just started to doodle until it resulted to a fashion sketch. Right then and there was a sentimental moment because it dawned on me that I haven’t done such sketch for about 8-9 years already. I used to make this type of sketches in my highschool days and I did it for my class/schoolmates (hello, JS Prom season!). But when I went to university, and eventually landed a job,  I haven’t had a single sketch because I couldn’t find the “quite time” to do so. Coming up with a fashion sketch using the same mechanical pencil I used 8-9 years ago and putting a 2014 date on it felt pure bliss to me. I was on the brink of tears but I knew I can’t cry because I was at the waiting lounge after all. But when I settled in my seat and the plane took off, I eventually gave away and sobbed during the entire flight. Well that’s another story.


"It's A Weekend Thing"
“It’s A Weekend Thing”

On my first morning upon arrival, I went to a nearby beach to get a glimpse of their infamous white sand. And indeed, the white sand view was magical! It was a Saturday so I expected a crowded place but luckily, there weren’t that much people around. Or at least on this side from my seat. Haha. Because it was a bit windy that day, there were big waves. I knew I had to take a picture of when the waves reached the wave barrier. The photo above was my view for the entire morning. I felt an inner sense of solitude sitting alone in the bench, feeling the wind, and enjoying the sight of white waves. In as much as I would want to take a dip, I wasn’t able to do so because I was still on my “tourist/traveler” get-up! But maybe one of these days, I could try!


"Water On The Window"
“Water On The Window”

On day 3, I woke up to the sound of lighting, thunder and very strong rain. It seemed like the sky connived with my inner thoughts because I wasn’t feeling emotionally well. And by that, I mean crying hard on the previous night. So waking up to this sad sight in my window brought my already-low-feeling even lower. Also, I usually get scared to very strong thunder and lightning. Overall, that day was gloomy and just generally unpleasant.


"Run, Baby, Run"
“Run, Baby, Run”

I woke up early on day 4 and decided to head out and run. Okay, maybe walk. Perhaps, to also check what this new city had to offer at 5am. I had a good share of walk run, not to mention, having a hard time catching my breath — which basically reminded me that I should be moving more and often. *cough, exercise, cough*



I had nothing scheduled on the last day of my trip so I headed to a neighboring island and see what their beach had to offer. There wasn’t any white sand, but the view was good — good enough for some quite time and a little pondering over self-reflections. Well, you see, this year was a bad. So bad that I had to fly under the radar in an effort to cope up. There were several sleepless nights, a substantial amount of struggle and a lot of pushing and pulling involved that eventually, I gave up. But hey, what matters now is that I am on the recovery stage. After more than 5 months of inactivity, here I am picking up the pieces of what was broken. So much for negativity already. There’s a whole world ahead of me that I have to face head on

This trip is my first after a year and eight months and shall, rightfully so, re-ignite my love for travelling. Although I had to shell out a significant amount for travel expenses, it was worth every dime spent. I am now back in the city a renewed person. There may be a few lonely nights ahead because hey, who completes a recovery stage in one week? Haha. But I know I will definitely get there. One step, one day, at a time, for me.


So, there you have it — the backstories of my black and white photos for the 5-day Black and White Photo Challenge. Thank you to my friend, Kharl, for nominating me. I had fun selecting which B&W photos to post!

How about you? Would you want to take on the challenge?


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