Coming back to Bohol after a very long time, I realized that Tagbilaran City is slowly becoming a modern town with the presence of various food spots. Imagine how happy I was to spot at least 3 coffee shops for now: Bo’s Coffee, Brewpoint, and Sweet Home Cafe. So today, I am writing about Sweet Home Cafe, considered one of the hip places to see and be seen in T-City.

Sweet Home Cafe is dubbed as the “home of European café culture” in Tagbilaran City, with  its warmth and character. They have comfortable upholstered chairs and sofa sets and boasts of a “very homey” ambiance in general. Hence, the name Sweet Home Cafe. You can find cute, little trinkets here and there (especially in their comfort room!) that give off a distinct European vibe.


For your caffeine fix, they have a line of hot and iced/frappé drinks, as well as coffee-based shakes. For non-coffee fans, you can opt to get their yogurt smoothies and milk teas instead. I recommend trying out their Cucumber Quencher.

When I visit this café, I usually get the Choco Almond Milk Tea (my favorite!), paired with either their Blueberry Cheesecake or a Red Velvet Cupcake.


Sweet Home Cafe offers the staple coffee shop selection of cakes and pastries like the Carrot Cake, Chocolate or Custard Cake, chocolate cupcakes, and brownies. And they have cookies, too! You can find the cookies stored in glass jars placed on top of the cake display showcase. If you want something heavy, you can choose from their line of burgers, sandwiches, pasta and breakfast meals which they serve the whole day. I recommend trying out their Baked Spaghetti or the All-American Burger. Or maybe one of their steak dishes!

Worth noting about Sweet Home Cafe is that they have a bigger area upstairs. Bigger area = more seats for you and your gang. And mind you, the area is open-air type — one that resembles the balcony of a house. This is my favorite area wherein I could work on my personal projects, sip on my milk tea, and with the wind softly blowing. It could get a bit noisy though when it’s around 4:30 or 5pm, since the students from the nearby school get off from their class.


So there you have it. Do drop by this place for your caffeine fix, for a mini get-together with friends, or if you simply just want to kill time alone. I tell you, this cafe is Instagram-worthy! *wink wink*

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Remolador Street (back of Holy Spirit School)

Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Contact No: (038) 510 6353

Store Hours: 7:00am – 12 mn

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