Screw the unfinished posts in my drafts folder, this one’s gotta be published on the 1st day of 2013 by hook or by crook!

Because I and my blog have been stagnant for a couple of months now, allow me to make it up to you, dear readers. I’d like to share the highlights of my year – like what I’ve been doing annually. There are only a few items though but these really made my year as it brought me a whole new level of happiness!

1.) I went on an out-the-country trip!!

This one definitely has to be on top of my list! If you have been following my blog, you would know of my fascination of airplanes and the art of flying/traveling. You would know that my ultimate wish is to get on an international airline and fly out of the country. Now, imagine me jumping out of sheer excitement when I got the offer to fly to Singapore on the first week of August. And call it perfect timing because we flew there on my birthday month! Awesome birthday gift is awesome, yeah?

Touchdown at Singapore's Changgi Budget Terminal.
Touchdown at Singapore’s Changgi Budget Terminal.

I was with my immediate manager and my boss and we stayed at Singapore for about 3 nights and 2 days. You can call it part-work-part-play trip but it didn’t occur to me that way because I got too engrossed with the fact that I have finally jetted out of the country. Yeah, baby!

I think that Singapore is a really pretty country and I liked the scenes at night especially those of their buildings. The lighting designs were all new to me (which inspired me to learn more about lighting). I love that they give value to elements of Design and it was evident in the places that I’ve been to. And did I mention that fashionable girls abound the Lion City? It was a feast in the eyes for me!

Hello, Resorts World~! :)
Hello, Resorts World~! 🙂

On our remaining hours, we were able to visit Resorts World – Sentosa and we played and ate all day long. It felt great to be in a place that I only get to see on TV or in magazines. Oh I definitely would want to go back to Singapore!

2.) I travelled locally alone.

2012 was a blessing since I got to travel within the country due to the nature of my work. What’s new about this is that I travel alone! I fly on my own now! I carry my bags myself, I attend meetings alone, I sleep at the hotel room alone, I eat breakfast/lunch/dinner alone. So far, I have been to Manila, Davao and Cagayan several times on solo flights. It’s no biggie for me since I am used to being on my own most of the time. The disadvantage though is that I endured the plane turbulence ALONE! Hahaha.

3.) I turned one year at work.

Hooray for surviving 12 months at work! Who knew that the one year at my first job would zoom by that fast? It was no easy ride as I had to endure several days and nights of stress and pressure. I just tried to go with the flow and be thankful that I have a decent job. My officemates were a big factor as well because we console each other whenever pressure and stress hits high. It’s just sad to know that 3 of my closest officemates left their positions before the year ended. I am now faced with the challenge to create rapor with the new ones. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it won’t be too much of a hassle. Good vibes all the way!

4.) Living solo.

In the middle of 2012, I decided to move out of my grandparent’s house and live solo. I am thankful that I was permitted to do so. It was a breathe of fresh air for me as I had to adjust my “lifestyle” — I lived with my own rules, my own curfew, my own set of limitations, and my decisions. It was fun but equally sad as well. There were times when I get homesick, I feel like going back to the house. There were times when I got really tired and stressed, which resulted to several days of fever and “pasmo”. haha.. Financially, it was a struggle. I must’ve underestimated the hardships of living solo and living within the borders of my financial capacity.

However, just this December, I decided to move back to my grandmom’s house. While I was loving the independent life, I just had to move back in because it was no longer practical for me. Along with some other reasons, as well as an unexpected turn of events, I was left with no choice. I think that the 6-months worth of solo living was enough. It  taught me a lot of lessons that I’d otherwise not learn had I not decided to go out and live on my own.

5.) I am no longer a NBSB

You know what N.B.S.B. means, right? Yeeeee~ I hope you don’t mind me getting giggly like a 5-year old. I just want to share to the whole virtual world that well, uhm, I *pause* well, yours truly if officially out from the Singles-ville. 🙂 Yes, I am seeing someone for a few months now. What can I say, I am happier now. I am happy to have somebody I can freely annoy at any time of the day. I have somebody whom I can share my corny jokes with. I have somebody whom I can be a total kid all over again. I have somebody whom I’d freely share my food with no matter how little I have or how hungry I am. 🙂

Who is he, you ask? Well, I’d rather keep him to myself. I believe this matter is better off kept private, right?

Anyway, there you have it, the highlights of my 2012. It was definitely a busy year for me. In fact, my lack of blog updates could attest to that. Haha. But fret not, I’ll try (like really really try) to be more active in the coming year.

With that in mind, allow me to say goodbye and thank you, 2012!


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