It’s a serene Sunday evening here in my new crib. I could not help but take a break and look at where my life is now. Not so long ago, I  moved out of my relative’s house where I stayed for the past 5 years. I was overly thrilled with the idea of finally going solo! Thumbs up for that!

My new crib is really simple. No TV, no radio, no AC unit. No fridge, no rice cooker, no gas burner. No washing machine and no closet. Have you pictured it already? Haha~ It’s just me in my small room and my laptop (my best-est friend everrrr!) and the bathroom, of course! Fret not because I prefer this kind of setting. The peacefulness was what I wanted so I can concentrate on my bring-home projects. There aren’t distractions when I watch K-dramas (during breaktime!) and I can sleep easily and soundly whenever I want to.

It gets sad at times though because I don’t see my family that much nor my friends from university. I spend most of my time at work. (spell STRESS. haha) I rarely go out to unwind because I’m always occupied. I’m thankful to those who remember to text me because at least I have some kind of distraction from all the work I do in the office. Bottomline here is: I am living an independent life! It’s scary and all, but I just gotta  be strong! This is now the “test of real life” that I used to dread a few years back. I’ve already went through several depressing times but I’ve learned the art of becoming my own cheerleader. If time comes that I cannot take the harshness of life, I can always run back to my parents. They’ll be more than thrilled to welcome me back under their wings.

But as of the moment, I am just happy that at 20-something, I finally have the control of what I want to do, where to go, and who to be with.

That’s all folks! This was a quick post since I was so in the “zone”. It’s back to the work grind for me tomorrow! *breathes deep and sleeps*





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