2011 has been a good year for me. And what rightful way to celebrate it than to buy a kick-ass 2012 planner! I initially got drawn to buying those from Starbucks, or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or from Seattle’s Best, or those from Belle de Jour, etc.. (The probinsyana in me really wants to know how it feels to be carrying around a planner from the aforementioned brands.) But they’re a little pricey for me. And then I remembered that I originally wanted to get a planner from Witty Will Save The World. However, I learned from their Facebook page that they won’t be releasing one for 2012. So much for disappointment.

Browsing online, I stumbled upon a website that featured a new brand of planner. The cover caught my attention because it was black and white. (I have a soft spot for black/white color combo. Hihih~) Further research showed that the planner has this “artsy” feel to it with all the featured doodles. That’s pretty much my type! It’s also locally-made and far more affordable than those I mentioned above!

It was a planner from FILED. I knew I had to get one, by hook or by crook! :p

Yesterday, I finally bought it!!! This is actually the first ever expensive planner that I really bought for myself! (The probinsyana in me values money so much that I only spared Php200-300 as budget for my 2012 planner) But then I didn’t have the slightest doubt to get this as a Christmas gift for myself because I think I somehow deserve a reward for a year’s hardwork.

So here’s a tally of the reasons why I am more than pleased to have a FILED 2012 planner:

1.) It’s small enough to fit even in my weekend bag. And it’s also comfortable to write in.

2.) I like the featured illustrations for every month. Each month has an introductory doodle representing that month’s occasion. Oh I love the little monsters!

“Buwan ng Wika” for the month of August

3.) There’s monthly and daily views. With this, I can map out ahead what’s going to happen for a specific month and then fill out the details in the daily view. Additionally, there’s a little box for important dates. I am really happy with this feature because I seriously take note of birthdays!

4.) There’s a monthly expense tracker! This will really be helpful to me. I’ve just started working and this feature would help me manage my cash flow. (It’s as if I earn and spend a lot! :p) But either way, self-control is the key. I know that this feature will push me to beef up my money-saving tactics!

5.) A daily mood-indicator will urge you to doodle your mood for the day. Hmmm.. maybe I should also state the reason for that chosen mood. And by the end of the year, I will count the number of smiley and angry/sad faces I doodled! Haha~ I bet this will be fun!

6.) There’s a Think-tank page. I like this feature also because I can jot down my initial plans/goals for 2013. I do this yearly as a sort of guide for the following year.

7.) There’s a list of movies to see, books to read, places to visit, and restaurants to try. It’s like a mini bucket list. I’ll fill this out and try my best to put check marks throughout the year.

8.) High Quality of paper and printing. I love the “crispiness” of the paper! Haha

The free bandolier is a bonus! Though I’m not so sure if the velcro attachment would last throughout the year. Oh well, others might even loose it eventually. Hehe~

Waaaaahhhh~ (that’s a scream!) I really like this planner!!!  I like it because it’s close to my personality. It is “artsy”. It is “crafty”. It is youthful. There’s energy to it! Yeah I am damn excited to start my 2012! Like, sooooooooooo excited! Haha~! Im’ma doodle the year away!!!

You can get your own FILED 2012 planners online. If you’re from Cebu, you can buy it at Fullybooked in Ayala Terraces.

For more of FILED, visit their website. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter.

I got FILED, and I’m lovin’ it!!



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