Because of the influx of Koreans living in Cebu city, the local government thought of  hosting a festival that would introduce the culture and traditions of Korea to the local people. They declared the first Saturday of October as “Korean Day”.

This year marks the first and they had several activities lined up for the locals: there was a Korea Film Festival, a food bazaar, a parade, and a search for Cebu K-pop Star. The main event was held yesterday at the Ayala Terraces, where it attracted over a thousand Koreans (and some other foreigners, too!). Also in great attendance were the Cebuanos, mostly teens who are fans of KPOP. *cough, count me in, cough* :p

Several food stalls lined up the sides in which various Korean food/snacks were made available for everyone. I still prefer a full-course Korean meal over finger food! Heh~

The program featured several performances from the Korean people. From what I can remember, there were the Hwagwan dance (lower right photo), the Gyeong Bok Gung Taryeong (upper right photo), the Fan Dance (upper left photo), and a traditional dance called Samulnori (lower left photo) specially performed by the Yeosu City performers. I’d pick the last stage as my favorite!

There was also a mini fashion show that featured several versions of the Hanbok, Korea’s national costume. This segment brought back memories from 4 years ago when I wore the Hanbok to a school festival. Big thanks to that Hanbok’s owner!

A much-awaited segment of the program were the performances of the winners from the search for Cebu KPOP Star. The competition was held the day before and the top 3 groups took the stage. These kids showed that Cebuanos can also rock to the tune of Korean songs. The performers included Say A (sorry no picture of them) who sang and danced to Miss A’s Goodbye Baby. In third place were Scene E who did a rendition of T-Ara’s Roly Poly. Second place went to Rainbow Angels who covered A Pink’s It Girl. Lastly, the declared winner was Generation Next (pictured above in white costumes) who performed Seo Nyeo Shi Dae’s Seowoneul Malhaebwa. Two of these groups got the top prize which is of a round-trip ticket to South Korea! I died. Haha~

Watch Say A’s performance HERE.

Watch a sample of Scene E’s performance HERE.

Watch Rainbow Angel’s performance HERE.  Sorry for low quality!

Watch Generation Next’s performance HERE.

Special stages were presented by 3 visiting groups. X-crew (pictured above in white clothes) danced to a medley of Super Junior songs much to the contentment of Kpop fans! 4NE1 presented a medley of 2NE1 songs. Off-Limits Crew danced to several songs of SHINee. These groups won in various Kpop-related competitions in Manila.

Watch X-Crew’s performance HERE.

Watch a sample of 4NE1’s performance HERE. This is not their actual performance from the event.

Watch a sample of Off-Limits Crew’s performance HERE. Sorry for blurry video! 😦

The event capped with all the performers being called out. There I saw smiles from both Koreans and Cebuanos, pretty much an evidence of fun and happiness. The event left me looking forward to next year’s! Hopefully they could invite an artist/group/actor/actress from South Korea! HEH~

Here’s to hoping the friendship between the Koreans and the locals will get stronger! 🙂




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