After a year of waiting, I can’t believe that I’m going to the 2011 Cebu Blog Camp!! Yayy for the approved registration! HaHa.. I first learned about this event through my university classmate and now a blogger, N. of nfblogs, because he was present during last year’s camp. And I was not. It would’ve been good if I participated last year because then I would’ve learned the basics of blogging right before I got a new blog. (I’m still feeling depressed from permanently deleting my 6-yr old blog at Friendster last weekend. It was my first blog.)

But fret not! Because I am soooo attending this year! πŸ™‚ *jumps out of joy*

The Cebu Blog Camp Β is an event organized annually by theΒ Cebu BloggersΒ of the Blog and Soul Movement, the educating leg of theΒ Philippine Blog Awards Inc.Β which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu. Read: largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu! Yayy!

I am just overly thrilled for this upcoming event. For…

One, it’ll be my first time attending such event. I may have read about N.’s experience during last year’s but I’m sure it’ll be different when I’m there in person. I don’t know what’s going to happen or Β how the camp will go throughout the day but I’m expecting it to be a fun-filled day. With freebies, hopefully! para naay remembrance.. Β *hint hint* πŸ™‚

Two, this is an opportunity to meet other bloggers! Although I am not someone who’s good at talking, or socializing, or connecting with other people, I still want to make new friends. At least in this event, I share the same interests with many other people. That’s an effective way of expanding one’s horizon, am I right?

Three, this whole day event promises to be an info-filled day with several topics to be discussed. That means, I’d be gaining knowledge related to blogs and blogging life. For amateur bloggers like me, this will be of much help. And it’s free, you know! Here are the topics that will be featured for this year’s camp:

Oh I can’t wait to be overloaded with information about blogs and blogging life! *wink*

Four,Β this will serve as a weekend get-away for me, who doesn’t really go out of the house (much more socialize.. *cough cough*). Oh, and it’ll serve like a one-day break from my work life. Hehe~ The camp will be held at St. Joseph’s Hall, inside Sacred Heart Center. Thank goodness I am familiar with the venue since I used to swim in their pool years ago.

Five, hmmm.. can I just say “I’m really excited for it! Period.”? hahaha.. I am just thankful that I got one of the limited slots offered and with that alone, I am thrilled. Period. Babaw’g kalipay, kung sa Bisaya pa!

Hmm.. I’m a bit nervous for this event because I am not somebody who’s good at talking, or socializing, or connecting with other people. Leaving that aside, I’m excited to meet other bloggers and set an endless conversation about blogs and blogging life!

So.. Cebu Blog Camp 2011, here I come! πŸ™‚


Six, I am sooo gonna get the Creative Dork‘s autograph, and have my picture taken by the Photoblogger! (Nyahaha~ feeling close?)


The Cebu Blog Camp 2011 is co-presented by:

** Bronze Sponsor **

Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc.

** Media and Institution Partners **

** Donor **

Academy for International Culinary Arts


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