Cheers to my first post in my new blog!

Yeah, I have finally decided to get a new blog because I think that I’ve reached the maximum free space in my former site. They won’t let upload photos anymore. It is so sad to leave that site because it has been my online buddy for the past 6 years or so.. I started as a student who was curious of what it feels like to maintain a blog. I think I’ve grown from who I was in high school, and that can be felt in that blog. But anyway, I’m moving on to another chapter in my life and what better way to celebrate it than get a new blog, right?


So yeah.. let’s see where this blog will take me. Will it improve my english speaking and writing skills? Haha. I don’t know. But I hope I’d be able to maintain this for God knows how long.

For now, I gotta search for themes to give my site a face lift!
Any suggestions as to where should I go?



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